Digital Stamping System

Track and Trace Solution

MSP’s Stamp Track and Trace solution can be customized to every country need based on their tax, quality and functional policies. 

MSP’s Electronic print-on-demand solution provides the highest level of security enabling encryption of key data on the stamp, or even straight to the bottle or pack itself, to facilitate easy field enforcement. Additionally, a pre-printed traceable stamp system can also be used where appropriate. 

MSP’s Electronic tax stamp solution offers the next generation solution for tax revenue management and recovery. This system enables tax collection authorities to collect tax revenues effectively and track the status of legally issued stamps electronically. 

With the MSP’s Electronic tax stamp solution, manufacturers, distributors or licensees can print, authenticate, and report tax stamp consumption electronically. Additionally, law enforcement authorities can authenticate the Electronic stamps and verify the embedded information on the stamps in the field via simple-to-use and secure handheld instruments